Acupuncture For Couples Troubled By Erectile Dysfunction

My husband and I are married for almost seven years now. We have been together since college.  The intimacy and sex between us have never been a problem.  However, there are some articles we read where couples have issues with their sexual life and can sometimes cause their relationship to fail.




Sex Matters

I was glad that we have the same level of sexuality and it is never a problem for us.  We always have enjoyed sex and deprivation of sex was never really in our mind. I can say that it is one of the reasons for our happy and fruitful relationship.


But this year, things started to be different.  My husband seems to be having decreased sexual urges when we were supposed to be in an intimate situation, which I was not used to.   As a wife, negative thoughts began to play in my imagination.   I began overthinking that it was my fault.   What could be the things that I have done wrong for my husband to be turned off?   I even started asking myself questions like, “Am I not that attractive anymore?”  I began to doubt myself, and I also started to have doubts about him, too.




Stress-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

I decided to look for further clues on what might be the reason that caused my husband to feel off when we are having sex. He will sometimes make excuses that he cannot get an erection because he is tired from work.  I didn’t believe it, and it pisses me off. I was really getting confused. I didn’t know what to do, so I acted on my curiosity.  I did some investigation by asking friends and searching the internet, and I found out some possible reasons.


Erectile dysfunction is common to men who are under a lot of stress, and it seems to answer some of my questions. I am starting to believe my husband.  And through further questioning and investigation, I am now convinced that ED is the reason why we do not have that sexual wildness anymore.


I love my husband, and I know he needs me now more than ever, especially at this time that we are having trouble maintaining our business. I can see that it stresses our marriage.


I started having a conversation with my husband about erectile dysfunction.  I am glad that he is open about it and very much aware of the illness.  He said that men experience this as they age.


My husband and I decided to see a doctor for his ED.  I promised to be supportive of whatever treatment he will decide on taking, and I will help in monitoring him in the process.  He was prescribed medicines such as Viagra, Levitra, and Spedra, whichever will work for him.


Sex is going out so well, but it is undoubtedly damaging my husband’s health because I noticed that he was doubling the intake of his prescribed medicine. His tolerance is building up, and it is not good or healthy. We decided to stop it and try the more natural way.


We asked his doctor that we wanted to stop his medication and we wanted to try the natural method of treatment this time.  And the doctor was kind enough to recommend alternative drugs like Ginseng, Gingko, and even acupuncture.




I always hear this Chinese method of therapy known as acupuncture to treat conditions like erectile dysfunction, so we considered giving it a try as well.  For three months every Friday, my husband and I would go to the spa for approximately two hours for the treatment.


The treatment is new to us, and my husband and I enjoy it. It became our weekly routine.  After weeks of treatment, things between us started going well again.  We are both happy, more relaxed, and the stress seems to lessen.  Sex is back, it may not be like how often we do it, but it is starting to be satisfying again.


Acupuncture has become a sort of bonding for us.  It’s keeping us healthy. My body has become more energized, and I can see through my husband’s eyes that he is back to how he used to be when we were just starting our romance as college sweethearts.


Erectile dysfunction can mess up a relationship.  It is essential that both couples are open to discussing it and together find ways to have it treated.  With the advancement in medicine, scientists have modified drugs to be safe for men to take, but if in doubt, there are also many alternative methods to choose from.


Do not let erectile dysfunction cause you more stress. You have to address this issue early on, and there is no reason for you to be ashamed of it.  If you notice early signs of ED, don’t think twice. See your doctor.