5 Ways To Handle Anxiety Caused By Chronic Illness

The adverse effects of suffering from a chronic illness include depression, anxiety, and stress.

According to Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S., “Unchecked stress can sabotage a relationship and lead to dissatisfaction and disconnection.“

“The physical symptoms of depression can be surprising to experience, and be particularly debilitating in concert with the mental symptoms of sadness, guilt, and hopelessness. When it comes to Major Depression, physical symptoms are almost always a part of the picture and play a key role in disrupting a person’s ability to cope with life,” according to mental health therapist Alicia Clark PsyD.

“Anxiety disorders can severely impair a person’s ability to function at work, school and in social situations. Anxiety can also interfere with a person’s relationships with family members and friends,” according to Shannon Sauer-Zavala, PhD, Lynn Bufka, PhD, and C. Vaile Wright, PhD.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult on your part to control the way you think and react when you have a chronic disease. Because of the difficulty and challenges, you will start to feel that you are helpless. You want to get better, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your sickness will keep on coming back. If this happens in a long period, there is a high possibility that you will end up stressed and anxious at all times.


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In this article, allow us to share some of the practical and smart ways on how you can handle anxiety caused by chronic illness. At this point, it is vital to highlight the fact that you have what it takes to alter or change the course of your life. Just because you are suffering from an illness that is difficult to cure does not mean that you will no longer get your shot at happiness. Be sure to learn these things:


Let Go Of Negativity

You have to learn the art of thinking positive at all times. Say goodbye to your negative thoughts. Always put in mind that negativity will only bring you down. When this happens, your anxiety will start to grow bigger to the point that you will lose sight of your direction and goals in life. As such, accept the fact that you are sick but do something about your situation. Remind yourself of all the great and happy memories you have with your friends and loved ones so that you can find the will to keep going and start embracing positivity.


Surround Yourself With The Right People

Stop denying to yourself that you do not need the help of other people. The truth is that you have to connect with the right individuals in your life. Do not shut other persons just because you have issues with your chronic illness. Instead, accept their support and assistance because you need it at this challenging moment in your life. Believe that you are worthy of their care and affection. Most importantly, you must instill in your mind that they are helping you not because they pity your situation but because they value your health and wellness.


Calm Your Mind

Learn how to calm your mind so that you can become happier despite the presence of chronic illness. Find time to meditate so that you can start clearing your mind from the stress and anxiety. It is not going to be easy, especially if you continue to feel discomfort and pain. There will be a complete struggle on your part. However, do not give up easily because everything is going to be worth it in the end. All you have to do is to master some relaxation techniques that can help in calming all your adverse and anxious thinking. You can also try yoga and other breathing exercises to accomplish this goal.


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See Your Doctor

As much as possible, do not forget the importance of booking an appointment with your physician. If you are suffering from a chronic illness, it is vital for you to have regular checkups so that you will be updated with the status of your condition. Avoid making self-diagnosis as it can only increase your stress and anxiety levels. Take note that you can ask your doctor anything about your condition, which makes it easier on your part to know what is going on with your body and how the medication is helping your medical condition. The more you know or keep yourself updated about your illness, the calmer you can become.


De-Stress At All Times

Invest your valuable time and attention in things that will make you happy. Conversely, avoid those that will only bring a lot of pressure and tension in your life. Remember that what you do regularly affects your mental health. If you continue to do what you love, it will not be difficult on your part to be gleeful despite your condition. At the same time, having a stable mental condition can also help in improving your health. A recent study shows that mindset is an essential factor when it comes to battling with an illness.


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Always remember that you can defeat anxiety and stress!

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine And How It Can Help Your Family?

Back to basics. More people nowadays are opting to go back to basics to address their health issues. These people believe that if these medical practices have worked for their ancestors, it can also help them and their family as well. Traditional Chinese medicine is one of these ancient medical practices that withstood the test of time and rapid medical advancements.

Get to know what traditional Chinese medicine is and how you can use TCM to achieve wellness.

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is already in practice as early as two thousand years ago. However, TCM, as it is now, started when the Chinese began to incorporate their medical knowledge into a more cohesive practice.

A person possesses yin and yang energy, which harmonizes bodily functions. Traditional healers in Chinese society, therefore, believe that physical maladies come about as a result of imbalance the yin and the yang in a person’s body. As a result, healers don’t pinpoint a specific organ to heal. They try not just to treat the entire person’s body. Traditional Chinese medicine also strives to strike a balance in all body systems, both physical and mental.

Essentially, traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic process which includes different forms of healing such as acupuncture, Qi Gong, and herbal medicine. 


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Acupuncture is the use of specialized needles to address specific body aches and pains. A trained acupuncturist strategically places these needles in the patient’s body for complete healing. 


Acupuncture helps relieve stress and releases oxytocin in the body. Furthermore, acupuncture helps trigger the patient’s body to heal itself after several sessions. Acupuncture is mostly pain-free. Most patients only feel a tingly sensation during sessions.


To reap the full benefits of acupuncture, you should go to reputable practitioners only. Needles are susceptible to carrying infections and should be sterilized before each use.

Best For Whom?

When used correctly, acupuncture can benefit everyone in the family. Parents can go for acupuncture to relieve after-work stress. Newly married couples can also try acupuncture to increase their chances of conceiving a child.

Even toddlers can go for acupuncture sessions. Specifically, acupuncture for toddlers can help address recurring back pains, headaches, and even sleep-related problems!


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Ever felt that your body’s aching all over for no apparent reason? It could be that your body’s blood flow became obstructed over time. It could be because of stress, wrong food choices, or a fast-paced lifestyle. Whatever the reason, cupping can help your body go back to having a perfect balance.

Cupping uses heated glasses placed at a patient’s back. The heated cups will then act as a suction to help increase blood flow and relax your muscles.


Patients can feel relief even after one session. It is a quick and cost-effective alternative to chemical-based pain relievers. 


Cup-sized bruises all over your back. Because cupping uses suction to relieve body aches and pains, the process tends to leave bruises on the body. Don’t worry. It will fade away after several days. 

Best For Whom?

The elderly constantly suffering from backaches and stiff neck. Cupping is a stress-free remedy for these ailments.

Herbal Medicine

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Traditional Chinese medicine relies on medicinal herbs and plants to complement acupuncture and other healing methods. 


Chinese herbal medicine is useful for a wide array of diseases, including skin disease, respiratory diseases, and even psychological conditions. Traditionally, Chinese herbs are boiled and then included to make tea. In dried form, Chinese herbs are considered highly effective in addressing the disorders mentioned above. They also have little to no side effect on patients. 


There are many dietary supplements all over the US market claiming to have Chinese herbs as their primary ingredients. Some products even claim to have healing properties, even if the FDA does not recognize the product itself. Some of these supplements can also be life-threatening. It is still best to consult your physician before taking in any dietary supplement. 

Best For Whom?

Chinese herbal medicine is best for teens and adults who are looking for alternatives to pills and other chemical-based drugs. In the right dosage and formulation, Chinese herbal medicine is an excellent alternative to liver-damaging over-the-counter medication.

Qi Gong

What differentiates traditional Chinese medicine from western medicinal practices is its emphasis on holistic wellness. TCM does not only focus on counteracting physical ailments, but it also tries to heal the body through mindfulness techniques. Qi Gong is one of many exercises practiced in TCM. Qi Gong combines movements with breathing exercises for better circulation of chi throughout the body.


Soft and airy movements are perfect even for beginners. Moreover, Qi Gong is very relaxing but can be considered as physical activity as well.


Qi Gong takes time and effort to finish a specific exercise. It can be a problem for those who work on tight schedules.

Best For Whom?

This one works for teenagers, working-age people, and the elderly. Qi gong can help relax raging hormones present in teenagers. On the other hand, the elderly can benefit from a relaxing physical activity that does not put additional stress on their joints and muscles.

In summary, traditional Chinese medicine can be beneficial for the whole family. Even babies and toddlers can go for acupuncture for relief of specific conditions.

Understanding Grief Better (Therapy Discussion)

Grief is a tricky emotion because it makes someone feel uncomfortable. When it immensely affects both emotional and psychological states, it can cause severe damage. That’s because a person begins to think about the negative things which will slowly deteriorate his brain’s function. When a person is grieving, the emotional and psychological target is unclear.

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Placebo Effect: Is It All About Expectations?

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Have you heard someone says that medicines are only effective if you believe it to be that way? Some people argue that the medical or herbal treatments are helpful only because that is how you see it. The most common term for this is called as the “placebo effect.” This can be confusing at all. In this article, we will attempt to provide more detailed information about this matter.

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Top Traditional Herbal Medicines

Herbs are the broadest form of cure since ancient history. Every culture and civilization in the past possesses their own set of traditional medicine from the mixture of plants and herbal essence. Some of these herbs are so effective and risk -free that they are currently present in contemporary medicine.

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Chiropractic: A Musculoskeletal Alternative Therapy

Chiropractic involves correcting the spine, bones, and joints to alleviate symptoms and disorders without the use of surgery or contemporary drugs. It is currently a popular alternative and complementary medicine. Studies about chiropractic approve its efficacy in decreasing pain and improving physical function.

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Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair

Castor oil is one of the vegetative oils that help reduce hair fall, soften and maintain a healthy hair the natural way. It is from the seeds of the Castor Oil plant botanically known as Ricinus Communis. The ricinoleic acid, antibacterial and antiviral that is in Castor oil is the reason why it is very beneficial to hair growth. The unique property of the oil is its ricinoleic fatty acid for hair improvement.

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Earthing: Discovering The Earth’s Healing Power

But Experts Remain Skeptical Over Its Claims

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Have you noticed how refreshed you feel after spending time surrounded by nature whether that is at the beach or the mountains? Or have you felt how invigorating and cleansing the fresh air is to your lungs? Or still, have you felt that energy that seems to hum into your digits and all throughout your body as you bury your hands or feet under the beach’s sands or the mountain’s spring waters? If you have, my friends then, you have experienced earthing or grounding.

This practice, according to homoeopaths, tap into the earth’s intrinsic therapeutic properties. They go on to say that earthing can heal various physical maladies including inflammations, pains, and even stress.

But, is there truth to these claims?

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