Placebo Effect: Is It All About Expectations?



Have you heard someone says that medicines are only effective if you believe it to be that way? Some people argue that the medical or herbal treatments are helpful only because that is how you see it. The most common term for this is called as the “placebo effect.” This can be confusing at all. In this article, we will attempt to provide more detailed information about this matter.

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Top Traditional Herbal Medicines

Herbs are the broadest form of cure since ancient history. Every culture and civilization in the past possesses their own set of traditional medicine from the mixture of plants and herbal essence. Some of these herbs are so effective and risk -free that they are currently present in contemporary medicine.


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Chiropractic: A Musculoskeletal Alternative Therapy

Chiropractic involves correcting the spine, bones, and joints to alleviate symptoms and disorders without the use of surgery or contemporary drugs. It is currently a popular alternative and complementary medicine. Studies about chiropractic approve its efficacy in decreasing pain and improving physical function.


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Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair

Castor oil is one of the vegetative oils that help reduce hair fall, soften and maintain a healthy hair the natural way. It is from the seeds of the Castor Oil plant botanically known as Ricinus Communis. The ricinoleic acid, antibacterial and antiviral that is in Castor oil is the reason why it is very beneficial to hair growth. The unique property of the oil is its ricinoleic fatty acid for hair improvement.


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Earthing: Discovering The Earth’s Healing Power

But Experts Remain Skeptical Over Its Claims


Have you noticed how refreshed you feel after spending time surrounded by nature whether that is at the beach or the mountains? Or have you felt how invigorating and cleansing the fresh air is to your lungs? Or still, have you felt that energy that seems to hum into your digits and all throughout your body as you bury your hands or feet under the beach’s sands or the mountain’s spring waters? If you have, my friends then, you have experienced earthing or grounding.

This practice, according to homoeopaths, tap into the earth’s intrinsic therapeutic properties. They go on to say that earthing can heal various physical maladies including inflammations, pains, and even stress.

But, is there truth to these claims?

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