Earthing: Discovering The Earth’s Healing Power

But Experts Remain Skeptical Over Its Claims


Have you noticed how refreshed you feel after spending time surrounded by nature whether that is at the beach or the mountains? Or have you felt how invigorating and cleansing the fresh air is to your lungs? Or still, have you felt that energy that seems to hum into your digits and all throughout your body as you bury your hands or feet under the beach’s sands or the mountain’s spring waters? If you have, my friends then, you have experienced earthing or grounding.

This practice, according to homoeopaths, tap into the earth’s intrinsic therapeutic properties. They go on to say that earthing can heal various physical maladies including inflammations, pains, and even stress.

But, is there truth to these claims?

The Power Of Personal Testimony

A 49-year-old author from Vermont started to have hot flashes a few years back. It had gotten worse over time that she and her husband had to sleep as far away from each other as their bed would allow. On top of that, she started to have hot rashes on her feet that were super itchy. She tried to ease these with the use of topical creams, but they only got worse.

“My feet looked so bad and swollen,” she recounted. Since none of her shoes fit and was comfortable to wear, she started donning on leather moccasins. Surprisingly, within a week, her feet cleared up. And in two weeks’ time, her hot flashes eased.

And even if she didn’t like the look of her new shoes, the Vermont author believed her new shoes had something to do with the phenomenal healing.

“The leather moccasins allowed me to ground, to connect to the earth’s natural healing energy, something that rubber-soled shoes can’t do,” she said.

The Science Behind Earthing

Grounding practicians believe that the earth has one big electromagnetic field that carries a negative charge. On the other hand, we are walking bioelectromagnetic fields that have positive charges. When our bodies do their natural everyday processes, we generate free radicals. Accordingly, in small amounts, free radicals do us right – they’re part of our body’s defense mechanism against bacteria and viruses. However, too many free radicals aren’t healthy and bring about a slew of adverse effects like diseases and even aging.


This is where grounding comes in.

When we tap and connect to the earth – our skin in direct contact with the ground or the water – its negative charge neutralizes the free radicals’ positive charge by allowing electrons to flow in. When this happens, we reap the benefits such as…

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced inflammation and other chronic pain
  • Normalized blood flow and pressure
  • Stabilized biological rhythms such as our circadian rhythm
  • Lowered stress levels

…and many more.


However, despite emerging studies and various research about this alternative medicinal practice, many experts aren’t so sure about earthing’s healing claims. While they do agree that the earth has a natural magnetic field, they say that there are not enough pieces of evidence to back grounding’s assertions that it positively affects human health. Additionally, there are no data available about how this even happens.

To Each His Own


But earthing homoeopaths – like the Vermont writer whose hot flashes were cured in part by her leather moccasins – which are steadily rising in number, the experience is the best evidence to prove that grounding does bring healing.

“Try it and see for yourself!” she urged nodding her head to her moccasin-clad feet.