Therapeutic Tips That Fight Stress



“Stress is somewhat difficult to describe accurately beyond simply saying that you know it when you feel it.” according to Roxanna Miller, LMHC.

As an individual, I can never say that I have ample time to think about myself. Honestly, my life is like a pumping machine that never allows me to take a step back. I cannot fully rest and find calmness in everything I do. I feel like I am battling with time only to grab opportunities. I never think about anything rather than creating something useful for my needs as well as my family. I feel trapped in a situation where I could not allow myself to complain. I am not happy anymore, but I do not think I can live without life’s pressure. Yes, it is not always that I get to experience anxiety and depression, and I am thankful for that. However, with all the toxicity in my life, I cannot have time to think about helping myself. That is regardless if that includes my job, family, community, and romantic relationship. According to Mary K. Tatum, LMHC, “Stress is variable and affects everyone differently.”

Good thing I widen my horizon, and now I am getting better with the help of these therapeutic tips I got from my therapist.

Healing Through Music

As much as a cliché, listening to music is genuinely one of the best therapeutic things that work. Not only it can provide a significant amount of body and mind calmness, but it also allows better mood regulation. Music is indeed the best tool that reduces stress and anxiety because of its ability to alter the brain’s pathways. So instead of overthinking and using the mind too much, music allows it to stay in a positive direction. With that, the assurance of having mindfulness becomes possible.



Happiness In Writing

According to American social psychologist Dr. James Pennebakerwriting even three or four times – for ten to fifteen minutes each time – will help you heal much faster from trauma. It helps to clear the mind chatter that can keep you feeling depressed, anxious, and stressed.

Writing is perhaps the underrated habit that a stressful individual can have. That is because of the whole process of spending time on thinking what to write, and physically working on it can be a little exhausting. However, once a piece gets started, that is where the magic begins. Writing allows for better emotional and mental expression. It supports enhanced vocabulary and cognitive function. Since there is a positive effect on the brain, writing can entirely reduce stress and anxiety. So there is nothing much anyone can complain about writing for them not to consider doing it.

Building Exercise

Exercise is the most significant habit one can build to boost their immune system. But its purpose does not get limited to support physical attributes only. Exercise can make the brain stronger and healthier. It can reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even cases of depression. In some fortunate instances, exercise can become a great asset in a person’s overall development. It helps in reducing symptoms of chronic illness as well. That explains why it is the most recommended habit that everyone should consider doing.



There are tons of therapeutic methods that a stressed person can use. Some options do not require any amount of money. Some does not take too much time and does not even affect daily duties and responsibilities. For me, these top three methods are the best of the bests.