Benefits Of Using Sound Therapy According To Therapists

Many of us after a long day of labor or a hard day’s job, often rely on the sound of music as a way to relieve stress, continue the evening with a more positive outlook, or maintain a sense of happiness that such music brings.

Sound therapy

Sound Therapy: Music And Moods

Based on experience, music does have an enormous impact on our moods and it does toughen up our mental resilience. In relation to facts, for many years, music is put to use as a technique to fight the frailty of the human body and mind. In such studies, music has been widely known to be part of medical alternatives today in our current generation.


In this article, I will show you the different therapeutic benefits of music and why there are therapists who use Sound Therapy to treat their patients.

Understanding Music Through Sound Therapy

Music as an alternative to medicine may leave you full of awe. Studies proved the legitimacy of sound therapy.   Researchers found out that sound therapy is dated way back to the time when the great philosophers lived, Plato and Aristotle. And they both claimed that music affected the soul and emotion. Practitioners of music therapy are also traced back to Native Americans, who used dance and music and claimed medical prowess, and helped cure medical conditions.



Sound therapy is a unique therapeutic intervention that integrates the use of specially tuned instruments to create vibrations that directly influence the nervous system at a cellular level. It was believed that the cellular level of the body operates in vibrations. When a person is feeling sick, the cellular level of the body abnormally rises that it causing a reaction to the body and mind.  It sends signals to your body telling you that you are sick.

Sound therapy capitalizes in that science wherein the frequency of the instruments helps fine-tune the instruments of the human body.

What Are The Musical Instruments Used in Sound Therapy?

A sound therapist uses several types of musical instruments such as drums, gongs, and chimes. He plays these instruments in a rhythm of sounds that offers simultaneous ways to stimulate the brain and rebalance the human body into functioning well and fighting the cells that cause the medical condition.  The musical tone of sound therapy soothes the senses and leaves your body in a state of relaxation wherein the body begins to heal and regenerate.

Sound Therapy Uses Specific Instrument For Specific Health Issue

Sound therapy practitioners have different instruments for different conditions and the intention of treatment for different people. Bowls are placed and played in a specific way on the body if the person is suffering from muscle tension.  A gong may be used for chronic pain due to a medical condition. Therapists also combine instruments wherein the sound reaches the mind to enter an altered state of consciousness similar to meditation.



Nowadays, with the many studies done, people have become open to the idea that there are illnesses that are related to stress. Treatments like sound therapy that focuses on relaxation techniques can efficiently help reduce, prevent and treat these illnesses.

Music is our universal language. It is recommended by therapists.

The ever fast-growing medical economy offers a lot of prescribed medicines wherein sometimes you begin to ask questions if it is good for your body because of the chemicals in it.  Luckily for us, there are alternative therapeutic ways that can help us fight medical conditions more naturally, and some therapists have considered the use of Sound Therapy.