Help For The Family: Acupuncture And Pediatric Care




Have you heard of acupuncture? It is a form of alternative medicine that utilizes therapeutic needles to target pain points in one’s body for the purpose of pain relief and relaxation. Does this apply to everyone in the family, including children? Yes, it actually does.

The pediatric acupuncturist helps children improve several conditions by creating an appropriate treatment plan that is tailored for your child’s behavior and other needs. Frequently, these treatments are aimed at alleviating or curing problems that you may not have even know that your own child has, including anxiety, stress, insomnia, or allergies. The acupuncturist utilizes a whole-body strategy that typically entails massage, herb intake, acupuncture, and lifestyle modification.

If you are afraid that the process of acupuncture will hurt, please do not worry, as that is not the case at all. Although a majority of people have reported no pain in their experience with acupuncture, there are also other alternative approaches that are less daunting. Cold lasers are among the treatments that are usually considered, as these are used through machines that activate the skin without needle use.

Below we will learn more about how acupuncture therapy, Chinese medicine, and massage can positively affect some common childhood conditions.


Insomnia in children often leads to other worse issues. Lack of appropriate sleep will reduce your child’s ability to focus, recall, and be as active as he wants to be. Since a lot of these conditions can present with a lack of energy and fatigue, parents initially won’t know whether or not their child hasn’t been sleeping very well. Childhood insomnia can be efficiently treated with a combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture by first looking for the original cause of the problem without using addictive or life-threatening medications.



Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are quite common for treating adult anxiety, but they can actually even be as effective for childhood anxiety as well. Each child deals with stress uniquely, and their stress levels rise up or go down as children grow. Acupuncture treatments help achieve a relaxed and improved state of mind that can possibly be for the long-term if only the treatments are consistent.

ADHD And Other Behavioral Conditions

ADHD, among other behavioral conditions, is typically managed with mood medications. But with the popularity of acupuncture and Chinese medicine combined, people have proven that it is safer and equally effective. An acupuncturist can recommend changes to the child’s eating habits, including his diet and the kinds of supplements that he is taking. These combined therapies are something that one should look into.


This is one of the most common issues in children when they are being potty-trained. Bedwetting can lead to stress in the child much more in the parent. Most kids learn to control their bladder effectively when they reach five, but this is not constant. Each child is different and we blame hormones and neurological problems might be the case.


For kids afflicted with asthma, the acupuncturist can efficiently help reduce the phlegm and wheezing symptoms. This will even be more effective if complemented with Chinese medicine use. The acupuncturist will try to identify the primary causes of asthma as well, and this includes allergies.

Allergic Reactions

Children’s immune systems are not as strong and developed compared to that of adults, and this makes them more susceptible to common conditions such as allergies. A lot of ailments are caused by allergies, including skin infections, asthma, insomnia, and digestive problems. These conditions can be alleviated with acupuncture and Chinese medicine use, bringing quick and efficient relief. Children have been shown to respond pretty well with acupuncture, especially when they are also treated with massage and acupressure.


An infant suffering from colic cries for hours, is fussy and is inconsolable for no reason at all. This usually occurs when the infant is two weeks old. Colic can be very stressful for the child as well as for the parents, who can’t seem to know what to do in order to pacify their baby. Apparently, studies have proven that acupuncture and acupressure therapies can help reduce the instances of colic in infants.

Additionally, acupuncturists can work with the parents in finding possible causes, including food allergies or sensitivity to a particular substance in her diet, which could actually accumulate in her breast milk and affect her infant. Parents who have tried asking help from acupuncturists can attest to the quick relief that their babies get from acupuncture.


Digestive Problems

The sad truth is that infants are born with frail, immature digestive systems. Problems like hyperacidity, colic, and food allergies can be distressing for babies and can possibly affect their sleep. Pediatric-approved Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and acupressure have shown to help relieve minor problems in the digestive system and actually help it grow and develop normally.


With all the conditions mentioned above, we can say that acupuncture does help children in more ways than one. Your child may still be growing in the womb, a newborn, or a young child, these alternative medicines provide a safe and efficient solution and would make a great complement to their pediatric care. You only need to find the right acupuncturist that can work harmoniously with your children’s pediatrician in making sure that they are healthy and free from harm.